Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Work Experience with Glamour Icons. Days 1 and 2

Yesterday I started my first day of work experience with Glamour Icons :)
This week we're working on the uniforms for the Plymouth Raiders cheerleaders. It's quite exciting getting the chance to work on something that is outside of a college project, but at the same time, really daunting knowing that this is legit, and for a business, therefore mistakes cannot be made!

 Day 1
So what did I do yesterday? On my first task, to steam around 50 meters of Lycra.... I accidentally burnt a bit of the fabric! I couldn't believe it, would only happen to me ey?! I felt terrible, absolutely terrible :( But I guess you could say lesson learnt, not every type of fabric should be steamed in the same way, and I didn't make the same mistake again!

The rest of the day I just helped with cutting out the rest of the pattern pieces :)

Day 2
Today was focused on getting 4 of the girls uniforms, cut out in the fabric. I started out by checking the pattern pieces fitted properly per girl (each garment is made-to-measure), and adding in the notches, whilst Nicola (the other girl also doing some work experience, and a fellow student at PCAD but in the year above me) started on cutting out the first cheerleaders uniform, and Trish started sewing!

I then cut out strips to make the binding, which was something new, never done that before!

Followed by tracing off some pattern pieces and cutting out the fabric. After the first couple, I started to feel more comfortable with the fabric, this has been my first time ever working with stretch, and I tend to prefer not to cut on the fold either, as I worry about getting them exactly the same on both sides....and yes I've just realised I worry about ALOT! ahah. Nicola was extremely helpful! And not to mention been lovely picking me up and dropping me off to the train station each day :)

I am soo tired right now, so sorry if I've babbled aha. It's been a good 2 days so far, Trish, the designer, is so lovely and I'm looking forward to the rest of this week, but now I neeeeed to sleep!

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