Sunday, 16 September 2012

Where to go from here?

Towards the beginning of summer, we were emailed by (our then) course leader with the brief for the SDC International Design Competition 2013, and was told to complete it over the summer. I was very excited and knew exactly what I was going to use for my inspiration! Which is always a good starting point lol.

But theeeeen I received another email the other day saying that we were going to incorporate the work we had done for this into our second year design brief!

The theme of the competition is Fashion For The Future? (full brief

My concept is based around metamorphosis, using artistic interpretations of metamorphosis to inspire my collection, looking at paintings, sculptures, collages and photography.

The concept came from the relationship between the fashions current state, and this push to evolve into a more sustainable industry. I would describe it as currently being in a metamorphic state. Having recognised the flaws, committing to change, but not quite there.

The future of sustainable fashion lies in successful metamorphosis.

This is what I've achieved so far!


I've come to a bit of a hault, as I'm not 100% this is the direction I want to be taking it! I've done a couple samples, and have notes written all over the place with ideas for more, I've got some chemical free eco dyes on the way, and I know I really want to incorporate some knit.

At the moment I think I've got too many ideas, and not enough visuals, and it's causing some confusing lol.

I experimented with some rough draping on the stand for what I've already done, and I really enjoyed it, will deffo be a technique to consider using again!

As for now.... I need to do more samples :)

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