Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Fashion Book

Over the last couple of months myself, Tribe Magazine and Plymouth College of Art have been working collectively to document the work of the (now graduates) 3rd years fashion students!

The Fashion Book; Featuring designer profiles, footage of the Graduate Fashion Show held in May, and video interviews from some of the students discussing their work.

Take a look at the amazing work produced by PCA's Fashion Graduates of 2014
View it here

Thank you to Foto Plus for the photography of the show, and lookbook images featured within this publication, to Dan McCluskey and Peter Griffiths from Tribe for their video footage, and to Tribe in general for offering me a position with the Magazine as a result of working together on this.

You can view my video interview here:

And if you were unfortunate enough to have not attended our Fashion Show, not to worry, you can watch it now:

Thursday, 17 July 2014

On Becoming a Graduate

Well this post is well and truly overdue!

I am no longer a fashion student. I am officially a graduate. A 1st Class Honors Graduate. *Proud face moment*

Since my last post (way back in March), I have finished my collection, all 450 hours of pure handy craft, showcased at my end of year fashion show (which was amazing, by the way), exhibited at Graduate Fashion Week in London (which was also amazing, by the way), and then there was the PCA Summer Show!

PCA Graduate Fashion Show

PCA Fashion Graduates 2014
Yes I am missing everyone already!

...I then took a much needed 3 week break, of doing absolutely nothing, but lying in bed watching Netflix. I needed it. It was heaven.

Buuut. Then the hard work began! (Secretly I love it, I really really do), my calender is pretty much full up for the next 2 month and the number of emails popping up in my inbox is increasing more and more each day. Straight after graduating I was offered a position as the new Fashion Editor for Tribe Magazine (very exciting!), I have started work on my first 2 pieces of freelance work, and have been collaborating with 2 lovely independent businesses (Sew and Fabric, Truro Wool), as well as running a series of workshops and courses in association with them (who would have thought, me teaching?) and in October I will be returning to my beloved Plymouth College of Art to do a bit of work with the 2nd and 3rd years on the Fashion degree in Portfolio Development (so I don't have to leave after all?!) There are a few others bits and bobs beginning to happen - but nothing I can yet reveal!

I'm in the mind set right now of just saying 'Yes' to every opportunity that's coming my way. I'm viewing everything as a stepping stone, that will eventually lead me to being in the position to finally setting up my label. And when that day comes. It will. Be. Perfect.

My Grad Collection Tweeted by GFW

And on their Instagram

Some lovely words about my collection from Fashion Feed

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

First Look

After god knows how many hours of man power my first (or 3rd in my lineup) look of my grad collection has been completed <3 

I more than certainly underestimated JUST HOW LONG it would take to make, the entire look (minus 2 seams) is completely handcrafted. I have calculated roughly 40 hours worth of handiwork has gone into these 2 garments and I must say my hands have hated me for it! But it's been so rewarding and I couldn't be happier with how it's turned out :)

So that's one down...only 5 more OUTFITS to go!

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