Sunday, 16 September 2012

Always leaving it untill the last minute

As always when it comes to me, I left getting a work placement until the very last minute this summer. However! Unlike usual, this was actually planned. It was impossible for me to do any kind of internship throughout the months of June, July or August based on the fact that I had zero pennies left after my first year of study, and although I desperately tried to find a job, it appeared that no one wanted to employ a student for full time work :( 

So I waited!


I'm so excited! I will be attending my work experience with Glamour Icons in Plymouth. A small company that specialises in bespoke made to measure designs. 

What attracted me most to applying for Glamour Icons, was the opportunity to learn about made-to-measure, an aspect of which I don't think my course teaches. I'm hoping it will provide me additional skills, such as drafting blocks to a clients specific measurements, and how to engage in a consultation and produce designs that are set to a brief for that particular person. Along with soooo much more!

Really looking forward to it :)

Glamour Icons Boutique

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