Sunday, 16 September 2012

A little task

So after my interview with Glamour Icons last Saturday, I was set a task to design a dress!

The client was looking for something similar to this gorgeous white dress worn by Lindsay Sloane in the episode Heather's Sister from 'Mr.Sunshine'

So taking inspiration from the dress, I knew I wanted to play around with different ways of recreating the collar (I looove collars) but still keep a deep v-neck line, and I also wanted to experiment with the back, whilst keeping the rest a simple chic pencil dress, with a vent in the back for ease of movement.

And these are the 4 design options that I came up with! (The cream colour may be tad off, as I think my laptop settings need to be changed slightly :/)

My personal favourite is Design 4..... I just adore that collar <3

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