Sunday, 26 January 2014

Portfolio Layout?

So on Friday artist Rebecca Rendell came to guest lecture, and afterwards came around to speak to us individually about our work (which was great!), and I received some feedback from her about the pages I had produced previsouly for my portfolio (you can see these in my last post). She said she thought it looked very professional and she liked the consistency of layout on the pages, but she advised me to spend a little time cleaning up some of the images which had been scanned from my sketchbook, and that still had a distinct line between the image and the background so that it blended into the page as a whole. 
When looking at my customer profile page, she also suggested that I break down my text, and to only include very specific information, as having a large block of text as I currently have will more than likely be skimmed over or not read at all. So that was very informative, and made me realise that as I'm producing my portfolio pages to really consider it from the spectators point of view.

Does this communicate the ideas effectively? Does it make sense? Is that a page that will be skimmed past or will it make them want to stop and look? - Gotta be asking these questions constently!! 
Well I've been working on these new pages as part of my technical folder for uni, and I don't know about you, but I think these are looking visually more exciting than the layout for my portfolio I posted last week.... 
So I'm looking for some feedback, any suggestions, what do you think? 

Also ignore the text! The text is there for the purpose of me and my lecturers, but just layout and design wise, which looks best?

Oh also I guess this is showing you some of my toile development process too :)

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