Sunday, 19 January 2014


So Friday was DEADLINE DAY! And I am still feeling exhausted from the week leading up to it! *Yawn* This was our first deadline of our 3rd year, which means only 3 more to go, weheeey. I'm feeling pretty confident about it, I mean I know I worked as hard as I could and did the best I could, and at the end of the day that's all I can do right? But lets keep the fingers crossed until I get my grade back (If I don't get a 1st I will screeeeam! ahah)

Once I get my sketchbooks back, I'll do the post I promised about my design'll be a pretty long post so be prepared!

For the moment though (as I'm feeling brain dead right now!), I'd just like to share with you a few 'portfolio' pages I did quickly on Wednesday. These are certainly not finished or finalised boards which will actually be going into my portfolio, they're simply a starting point, of an ongoing process that I'll be working on from this point to be ready in time for when I finished. So any form of feedback is of course welcomed!

Because circles became such an integral part of my design process, I've tried to incorporate this into my layout, as you can clearly see! But like I said these are only a starting point, and like everything I do there is always room for improvements :)

And speaking of making changes, I have already started to make alterations to my 'final' collection that I got very excited about and posted last. In fact I think I started to make changes literally like 10 minutes after I posted it! Ahah. I've decided I want to play around a bit more with the colour combinations, working with colour isn't really my strongest point, so pushing myself to work with it this year was a bit of a challenge! But along with that I've just been making small changes, mainly in the details.

So other than that, I'm currently trying decide what to do with myself today, I want to work on my dissertation, however I don't think my poor overworked brain can handle big words and my complex subject matter.... in fact this has taken me over an hour to write! Whaaat! And even watching 90210 is proving difficult to concentrate on.....

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  1. SO MUCH COLOUR! I AM SO EXCITED! How professional does this all look!? Very impressive! xx


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