Friday, 17 May 2013

Creative CV

We all know how important a CV is, and also how incredibly hard it is these days to get yourself noticed! Especially when you consider how many generic boring CV's companies receive all. the. time.

It's essential to make yourself STAND OUT! And a visual CV is one way to initially grab their attention.

So here is mine! :)

I wanted to portray my design skills more than anything, as this is the line of work I am aspiring towards, therefore I included a few illustrations that represent initial concept ideas, to design development, and then final design! I also purposely chose 3 sketches that illustrated the variety in my drawing capabilities. And of course it would have been silly of me not to include the moodboard that got me into the top 10 of the CSI Colour Award last summer!

I'm really happy with the results! It's clean and sharp, not too cluttered and full of images that it detracts away from the vital information, but enough to catch the eye! It's well laid out, and it's easy to read.

Now, let's just hope it gets me a job ;)

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