Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Glamour Icons - Moodboard

I've just put together a very quick moodboard, it's really badly done lol. But as I'm a bit pushed for time, I thought it would be more efficient to just throw my images together so I can get straight on to doing some concept drawings! Knowing me though, I'll re-do it at the weekend, can't be dealing with half-hearted work. No no.

Due to already knowing the fabrics and colours I'm working with, I've strictly stuck to rich dark hues of blue for my moodboard. I didn't have an exact idea in mine when I started searching for my images, but straight away I noticed I was being drawn to these pictures that had alot of soft curves and lines in them! I'm about to start on some sketches, and I'm thinking drape, movement, romantic and feminine right now....

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