Thursday, 20 February 2014

So this is Thankful Thursdays...

It would seem there is an online phenomenon known as 'Thankful Thursday'.. .I imagine this is nothing of the new, but I often find myself so sucked up in my own little bubble that I often bypass these types of things! But hey ho, there we go...

My dear friend Sophie actually introduced me to this, she's been posting her Thankfulness over on her blog for a little while now, along with her countless pictures of her adorable bunny Batman, this is him...

 Trust me if you love bunbuns you want to follow her!

 And this evening on Facebook she asked me the simple question:

"What are you thankful for this week ms rocky balboa?" <----- there is a reason why she calls me Rocky Balboa, but that would require a post of it's own! Not to mention it's one of those ' had to be there' moments.

In all honesty it's not a question I often ask myself (that's bad right?!) but I must admit it was so REFRESHING to stop and actually think 'What am I thankful for?' then I had the realisation.....LOTS! And booooy does it make you smile *Que goofy grin*

So here goes nothing:

I am most thankful for everyone of my classmates who helped me in putting together our KICKSTARTER campaign! As self-proclaimed project manager (there is no modesty here) I've spent the last couple of weeks organising, planning and researching the best way in which we could make this a success, but I cannot stress enough how this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the commitment from the rest of my class and all their help and contributions. SO THANK YOU THANK YOU!

We're a fun bunch....I know

Which brings me onto my next Thanks! OUR KICKSTARTER WENT LIVE TODAY! 

Now I'm most likely doing this backwards as I'm actually going to be doing a proper post on this tomorrow, but keeping it short and sweet.... Us BA Fashion Students at Plymouth College of Art are fundrasing for our end of year Fashion Show! So so important to us, and I would be even more thankful tonight if you would be so kind and donate a little of your time (and money) to help support us :)



Thanks no.3

I sold this today!

Photographer - Emma Barrow Photography
Model - Beth D, Gingersnap Model Agency
Hair/MUA - Jo Barker, Envy - Hair Salon

I designed and made this Latex Crinoline as part of my capsule collection for my 2nd year (a little refresher for your brains) and today it sold in the PCA pop-up shop which is currently being hosted by my degree, as part of our fundraising (yes, yes we are doing all we can to raise money for our show, see the dedication?) oh and not to forget this knitted dress sold too...

 Photographer - Emma Barrow Photography
Model - Jenny Evans, Bookings
Hair/MUA - Jo Barker, Envy - Hair Salon

I'm also thankful for my Daniel buying me a Freddo this afternoon...I find chocolate is a necessity when working on your dissertation (which I am currently NOT thankful for....Sophie will yell at me for that)....

 Who ever thought a frog would make such good chocolate?

...As does endless cups of tea.....or buckets.

Thank You. And Goodnight.


  1. Aaahhh I love it! It's so well written too! That's loads to be thankful for and I'm glad it made you feel chirpy! Love you Rocky xxx

  2. wow that piece looks amazing! can't believe you made it! x

    1. Aww thank you Sindy, that's lovely of you :) x


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