Monday, 30 December 2013

2014...I am ready

So I'm supposed to be writing the first draft of my dissertation right now, but for some reason I am lacking all means of would seem that the Christmas festivities (or more so being ill over Christmas) has left me with a case of lazyboneitus. So instead I decided it was about time I updated my blog, it has been over 6 months after all (WHAT?!) and one of my new years resolutions is to keep this up (for good this time!) so I figure why not start my NY res early on the eve of New Years Eve....

So lets see....I've got the images from the first ever photoshoot involving my own designs to post (as I never did get around to that!), I also worked on another shoot during the summer, in August to be precise, errm, of course there is also my most recent work from my 3rd and FINAL year to show you all too!

On a slightly more personal note, this year has been rather fantastical! I've seen my best friend become a mummy to a beautiful baby girl, whilst my other bestie Sophie got engaged FINALLY :) as well as other friends getting married and whatnot....did I mention that this year has made me feel REEEALLY grown up?! Ahah I think I can officially call myself an adult...or judging by the fact I am snuggled up on the sofa with a blanket over my legs sipping on a cuppa tea maybe more of a granny.

So after the summer, when I returned back to uni, for once again, MY FINAL YEAR! eeek, I was terrified of the prospect of graduating next June, that this is the end of the little bubble of uni life before embarking out in the big ass scary world, but over the last couple days I have found myself overcoming dread with a pure sense of EXCITEMENT! I can't wait to graduate, and I feel more determined than ever to make my 7 year dream finally become a reality! Along with many other things I hope the new year will bring... I can happily say that  

HAPPY NEW YEAR (for tomorrow of course!) EVERYONE

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