Sunday, 5 May 2013


Carbolic is my Autumn/Winter 2013-14 mini collection that I have been working on during my 2nd year of studies.

I've been meaning to do a post about this project for quite some time now but I was so engaged in the construction of my collection that unfortunately the blog posts just had to take a back seat! However I am near to the end (2 more garments and I will see the finish line!) and with sketchbooks all handed in for marking, it was now or never to introduce it before I quickly move on to my next project! (Which begins on Tuesday!!)

Carbolic was inspired by the medical innovations of Victorian Surgery - an absolutely fascinating,  and at times rather disturbing subject! But as a lover of history and science I became very engrossed within my research! 

My design journey began by looking at the surgical tools of that time - particularly the amputation saws (nice) which inspired the fundamentals of my collection - the sharp structured angular shapes that are key within my designs. Anaesthesia inhalers of Chlorophyll soaked sponges and Carbolic Acid antiseptic sprayers (of which the collection name comes from) began to inspire digital prints, laser cutting designs and crinolines in direct relation to women's Victorian clothing. The styles and silhouettes of the collections are my vision on a modernised adaptation of the Victorian nurses and surgeon's uniforms.

My research led to the experimentation of latex sheeting fused with conventional woven fabrics. My objectives here were to challenge the notions of latex as primarily a fetishwear material, and prove that it can effectively be incorporated into luxurious mainstream fashion.

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