Thursday, 7 March 2013

Fetish for Fashion

Recently I've become a bit obsessed with my contextual project, perhaps you could even say I have a fetish for researching fashion and fetishism!

The complex relationship between fashion and fetishism is so diverse and immensely interesting that I keep finding myself drifting off course and researching into more areas than my essay word limit will let me write about! #3000wordsisnotenough Nonetheless it's all relevant and too much research is better than not enough research right?

However, it does strike up the dilemma of having to pick one or two sections of the subject to really focus on! #whatdoipick

Latex was always going to be a key element of my research! It relates closely to my current collection, where (amongst other things) I have been attempting to challenge the connotations that are so strongly associated with the material, and it was in fact this direction of my design project that formed the basis for contextual studies!

View my PRESENTATION for current questions I am exploring and sources I am researching...... It also contains a sneaky peek of a design from my collection ;)

If anybody has any views or recommendations to further my research, then please do get in touch :) Comment here or email me at

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